Collection: Pet Holistic Grooming

為寵物的身心提供最佳健康的做法 ......... 


我們的服務是從隔音帶著柔和音樂的200 呎空間開始 .

一對一服務, 美容師不會強迫您的寵物忍受美容過程的壓力,而是適應您寵物的需求並在每個步驟中幫助他們完成整個美容過程。


如果您的寵物美容步驟而感到壓力過大,我們的美容師會通過與您的坦誠交流 ,來幫助寵物們感到舒適。這樣,美容師和您可以幫助您的寵物度過不必要的壓力。



One-on-One Service

Every Section Start With a Detox Brushing and Organic Calming Mist. 

The Holistic approach is to start with brushing and feeling good.

Holistic grooming is the practice of grooming your pet in a stress-free environment to provide optimal health for both their body and mind.

Instead of forcing your pet to tolerate the grooming process, holistic Groomers adapt to your pet's needs and help them through the process at each step. For example, if your pet stresses out because of one of the Grooming steps, help them feel comfortable by openly communicating with your Groomer. That way, the Groomer and you can help your pet through the transition; hopefully, they will feel stress-free over that step.

 How does this relate to Holistic Grooming, you ask?

The way that you dry the pet is what makes it holistic. Many salons must use cage dryers to make the system work efficiently and quickly.

In holistic grooming, we use a handheld force dryer, which allows us to control your pet's temperature, airspeed, and comfort. Small circles of each section of the dog while you run a brush and your fingers through it all add up.