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寵物皮膚發炎痕癢痕癢草本精華Skin Butter

寵物皮膚發炎痕癢痕癢草本精華Skin Butter

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Skin Butter – Intensive Care on Rough SkinMade by Extra Antibacterial Herbal Essences and Pure Organic Coconut Oil & Sesame Oil.

Intensive care on rough skin

Use it like an ointment. It can be used for caring for damaged and dry paws, ear cleaning, stuffy and smelly wrinkles, and boils and bumps.

No use of any chemicals

Made with all-natural ingredients, so it is safe for dogs and cats if they ingest it.

Used with Herb Pack: For Stubborn Dirt

It can be used as a safe cleansing oil when you want to remove tough dirt. Put on Skin Butter, then apply Herb Pack to remove it effectively.

How to Use ?: It is like an ointment.

  • For paw care: Add a small quantity to the damaged pads and softly familiarize yourself with the skin.
  • For stuffy skin: Apply 2 or 3 times daily on the worrying points.
  • For the care of ears: Wipe the inside of the ear after cleaning with cotton soaked in Skin Butter.
  • For between wrinkles: Add a small quantity between wrinkles of the face & body that tend to be stuffy and caused by pesky odour.
  • With Herb Pack: After pasting Skin Butter on the pesky dirt or rough skin, apply the herb pack on the butter and wash out.
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