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Woof Magic Grooming

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

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Our grooming service begins with the Dog’s Senses
Before Grooming, our groomer will ensure the Dog TV is on and delivers content just for your woof with soothing or positively stimulating sounds or video to keep its attention and helps calm anxious nerves, stimulates curiosity and provided entertainment

Comfort Care
Our grooming starts with an organic claiming spray and wellness brushing for the woof to relax the stress and muscle and eliminate the dust from the fur before bathing. The brushing stimulates blood circulation and detoxes the waste from the woof body. Then your woof will also enjoy a Milk spa / Co2 Spa in the bathing session. We use the finest quality products free of harsh chemicals containing natural healing ingredients to bring out the best in a dog or cat’s skin and coat.

Understand you treat your Woof as family member, all our groomers and staff treat your Woof with respect and kindness. Our groomers are trained in the fear-free program, so your Woof will be taken care of in a safe and relaxed salon.

*Basic Grooming Service Including:
- Bath with shampoo & blow dry
- Nails Trim and Paws Shaving
- Belly hair shaving
- Anal hair shaving & anal gland cleaning
- Ear & eyes cleaning, hair removal & flusing if needed
- Simple relaxing massage

Price is determined by pet's weight!


Licking mats are a great mental exercise tool that pup parents can utilize in a number of ways. Here's why dogs, and their humans, love lick mats:They reduce stress and anxiety-- if your dog gets overwhelmed during bathing, grooming, or other activities, the lick mat provides a welcomed (and delicious) distraction.


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Ka Sung 家餸

Ka Sung 家餸 is made with natural and fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Healthy and sustainable ingredients, from our kitchen for your pets.

We work carefully to ensure the product meets our high-quality standards. Dog Grooming