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Fleabite Flea & Tick Spray

Fleabite Flea & Tick Spray

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EQyss Flea Bite 蚤咬噴霧含有溫和的檸檬成份。保護披毛及皮膚,幫助皮膚健康,同時也能光澤毛質,很適合常去戶外活動的寵物!不含蠟,油,石油副產物或人造聚合物等,不會傷害寵物皮毛。
品名:Flea Bite 蚤咬噴霧


NEW Flea-Bite Spray
– Updated and more effective formula! Proven to kill and repel Fleas & Ticks!


The New Flea-Bite Spray utilizes a gentle blend of 4 natural essential oils: cedarwood, peppermint, rosemary and lemongrass oil.


Best if used together with New Flea Bite Shampoo for maximum effectiveness. Use Flea Bite Spray before your pet goes outside, on a walk, hiking, camping or to visit the dog park or beach.

  • Proven to kill and repel fleas & ticks
  • A gentle blend of 4 natural essential oils
  • Soothing formula
  • Environmentally friendly
  • pH balanced – prevents damage to skin & coat
  • Safe for dogs, puppies & cats over 12 weeks when used as directed
  • Safe to use with topicals
  • Long-lasting protection from fleas and ticks


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