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Pet-Friendly House Candle Pet House

Pet-Friendly House Candle Pet House

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無毒性家居蠟燭 ,對寵物無害。


Pure natural essential oil extraction, safe and non-toxic

100% cotton candle wick
Fragranced, soothe the mood
Glass sealed bottle can be recycled after cleaning
Can be ignited for about 70 hours






One Fur All pet scented candles, 100% handmade in the United States, the active ingredients in it can neutralize the odor in the air, do not cover the odor with the smell, and the effect is significant and long-lasting. Made with soy wax and essential oils, no petroleum by-products, Ignite will not fumes the walls of black smallpox and releases toxic substances, and the high-grade essential oils can relax the owner and the furry child at the same time, and they can be used with peace of mind.

The wax cricket is extracted from pure natural essential oil, with pure cotton wick, free of petroleum by-products (such as Paraffin wax) and allergenic ingredients, safe and non-toxic. In addition to effectively removing odor molecules, the delicate aroma can also relieve emotions. There are 30 aromatherapy scents to choose from.

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