Holistic grooming is the practice of grooming your pet in a stress-free environment to provide optimal health for both their body and mind’.
Each team member is incredibly passionate about dogs and their well-being.

They are patient and understanding with pets that may be new to grooming and nervous about being handled because they are old, ill or disabled.

Our team hold a range of professional qualifications and a Fear Free Certificate in dog grooming,

Another aspect of Holistic grooming is only using quality grooming products during the treatment.

Being a Holistic grooming place, we understand that high-quality products are essential for healthy skin and coats and will not compromise health for cost.

We use 100% naturally derived products. Only the finest, all-organic, natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, cruelty-free ingredients were chosen from a selection of suppliers, making them superb for even the most sensitive skin.

Woof Magic promote a relaxing and stress-free environment; we do not use cabinet dryers.

We do not rush treatment, thus ensuring each pet has a positive and relaxing experience.

Claiming sprays are sprayed around the room throughout the grooming, and relaxing music and dog TV are played to promote a complete sensory experience for visiting dogs.

We aim to work with pet parents to be an integral part of creating health and happiness for our woof clients by improving their quality of life with healthier skin and coats, cleaner teeth, and reduced ear infections and tear staining.

All our grooming and spa services have been designed to improve your pet's health and well-being, so you can be reassured that your woof receives the quality care they deserve when visiting Woof Magic Holistic Grooming.

We treat your pet and look at them as a whole.
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