About Woof Magic

WOOF MAGIC 促進狗和主人的整體福祉。我們為您的狗狗創造了一個輕鬆而富有成效的自由空間,讓它們可以在這個獨一無二的狗狗優先社區中聚集、自由奔跑、進行社交互動和放鬆。WOOF MAGIC 讓寵物和寵物主人在一個舒適且充滿輕鬆的自由空間的地方一起玩耍、放鬆,一起度過難忘的時光,享受他們珍貴的憶,自由奔跑、進行社交互動。WOOF MAGIC 是一家出色的獨特商店,專注於寵物保健,我們熱衷於支持動物福利和救援。

WOOF MAGIC promotes holistic well-being for dogs and owners. We have created a relaxing yet productive free space for your dogs to gather, run freely, create social interaction and relax in this one-of-a-kind dogs-first community. We have a passionate mission of supporting animal welfare and rescue.

WOOF MAGIC provides one of the best Holistic Grooming Services in Hong Kong through our professional groomers, who carry a Fear-Free Certificate. Our special design grooming rooms are loaded with pet's safe aromas, relaxing music and dog tv. We are grooming your pets in luxury.