The Dog Fear Free Holistic Grooming is the practice of grooming your pet in a stress-free environment to provide optimal health for both their body and mind.

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Woof Magic Concept

Woof Magic is a one-stop shop where you can groom your pets privately in 200 square feet soundproof room filled with relaxing music, a pet-friendly aroma candle and a dog TV. The whole environment is to reduce the fear and stress of your pets.

We used ( A )Grade grooming products throughout the own process.is relaxed. The grooming service will start with a calming spray and detoxing brushing to get rid of the dirt from the hair and make sure the pet is relax before staring .

Woof Magic promotes holistic well-being for dogs and owners. We have created a relaxing yet productive free space for your dogs to gather, run freely, create social interaction and relax in this one-of-a-kind dogs-first community.

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Woof Magic is a one-stop shop where you can groom and buy everything you could need for your pet. We worked with an experienced Buyer to carefully select the best products for your pets that support their health and well-being, so you know that we don’t stock anything that we wouldn't happily give to our pets!

From the finest, chemical-free mouth-watering treats to the softest, most comfortable beds made from natural fibres, give your pets the best.

  • About Us

    WOOF MAGIC is a fantastic unique store that focuses on animal wellness, and we have a passionate mission of supporting animal welfare and rescue. [Turning passion into Magic ]

  • Our Mission

    Bring pets and pet owners together in a comfortable and inspirational place to play, relax, and have memorable times together as they care for their precious pets.

  • A LifeStyle Concept Store

    Woof Magic is a Minimalistic shop with the best pets products selections and services.
    We are serving unique organic gourmet for your pets.

  • Our Special Grooming Services

    WOOF MAGIC providing one of the best Holistic Grooming Services in Hong Kong , through our professional groomers who carry a Fear-Free Certificate. Our special design grooming rooms are loaded with pet's safe aromas with relaxing music and dog tv.
    We are grooming your pets in luxury.