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KRONCH Salmon Fish Oil Cold Press 低溫冷榨新鮮三文魚油

KRONCH Salmon Fish Oil Cold Press 低溫冷榨新鮮三文魚油

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Kronch 三文魚油是採用我們定制的方法提取所需的重要營養素而製成的,而不會失去任何額外的好處。




Kronch Salmon Oil is made using our bespoke method of extracting the vital nutrients needed, without losing any of their additional benefits.

Typically, fish oils are extracted by boiling the fish, however, this can contain many more saturated acids, and therefore do not have the same positive effects.

Instead, we extract the salmon oil by cold pressing fresh salmon at low temperatures, this technique ensures that the fatty acids do not decompose and lose their positive effects and also produces very concentrated salmon oil; making it more economical to use.

Kronch Salmon Oil is produced as a pure natural product without using preservatives or artificial colouring / flavouring and is equipped with a practical dosage pump making it easy to provide to your dog.

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